New Year, New Hobby? - 5 Crafting Resolutions You'll Actually Want to Stick with in 2021

As we (happily) say goodbye to 2020, many of us will be coming up with resolutions for the new year ahead. With most of 2020 spent in lockdown, many of us took up new hobbies in order to pass the increasing time spent at home, and many of us (myself included)... abandoned them half way through. But if you are keen to usher in the new year with a new craft project, then we’ve got you! Keep reading for a list of easy, fun crafting projects that you’ll actually want to stick with this year: 

  • Learning Macrame

Back from the 70s with a vengeance, macramé seems to be everywhere at the moment! Whilst it may seem intricate and confusing, it’s actually really straightforward, and a great way to make wall decorations or planters for your home, or as gifts for a loved ones! It’s also a very inexpensive craft to pick up, as you only really need string and a pair of scissors to get started. Whilst a lot of information on the basic knots of macramé is available online, if you’re more of a hands-on learner why not attend one of our Beginner’s Macramé Plant Pot Holders Workshops? Here, we will show you a couple of basic knots and you’ll leave the class with your very own macramé pot holder and a little plant friend to sit in it! If you prefer to craft at home, we also have a Macramé Feather Kit available on pre-order, where you can learn how to make beautiful macramé feathers to decorate your home with. 

  • Knicker Making

Whilst making your own underwear might seem like a bit of a rogue craft project, it’s a great way to learn how to work with stretch fabrics, and again is pretty inexpensive to pick up as it only requires a small amount of fabric. It’s also a good hobby if you’re attempting to ditch fast fashion in 2021, as it means you can make something that you can wear again and again! If you're looking for a place to start, why not try our Eva knicker pattern from our most recent loungewear ebook? Whilst knicker making doesn’t take long, it is quite fiddly especially if you’re a beginner, so we also offer a workshop where we will show you how to make your own pair of jersey knickers using a sewing machine and an overlocker!

  • Candle Making

Another craft trend that has taken 2020 by storm is candle making, and for good reason! Whilst the supplies are slightly more expensive for this one, making your own candles is a great – and very easy - way to use up old jars, chipped mugs and other containers that would normally be binned. As you can mix and match scents and experiment with pairings, making your own candles is also a great way to make simple, yet personal gifts for your loved ones. If you’re looking to get started with candle making, check out this simple tutorial from The Spruce Crafts here.

  • Making Terazzo

Like the other crafts on this list, Terazzo has also been especially trendy this year. Whilst, as a material normally used for wall and floor treatments, it may again seem like a weird thing to make at home, its actually really easy! With its growing popularity in home décor, many terrazzo kits are now available to buy, including one by us, where you can make a pair of terrazzo coasters. Whilst slightly more expensive than some of the other crafts on this list, making terrazzo is a great way to learn about colour mixing and palettes, whilst making some beautiful homewares in the process! 

  • Hand Embroidery

Perhaps the most versatile craft on this list, hand embroidery is nothing new, however remains an inexpensive and therapeutic activity that can be done in front of the TV! With hand embroidery the possibilities are endless: once you’ve mastered the basic stitches you can use it to make wall hangings, decorate towels, table cloths or tote bags, or upcycle old clothes. If you’re not sure where to start, why not try our Introduction to Hand Embroidery Online Instant Access Workshop, where you will learn 10 different stitches to create your own unique embroidered design! We also offer a range of other hand embroidery workshops with embroidery artist Jessica Grady, where you will work with more unconventional materials to create your very own embroidered artworks.

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