Beginner's Guide: How to Sew in a Concealed Zipper

Beginner's Guide

Whilst sewing a concealed zip can seem daunting for any sewer, its actually much more straight forward than you might think! Follow our simple tutorial below to learn how to add a handy concealed zipper to any of your garment making projects.


Sew up your seam up until you need to put the zip in.

Pin one side of your zip to your fabric, with the right side of the zip on the right side of the fabric. The teeth of the zip need to face away from the seam allowance of the fabric - this looks a little weird, but will make sense when it’s all sewed up!


Using a concealed zipper foot, start sewing at the top of the zip and make sure you back stitch so its secure. Make sure the teeth of the zipper are unrolled as you start to make sure they fit properly in the tunnel of the foot.


Remembering to take the pins out as you go, sew from the top to the bottom of the zip. When you get to the bottom, pin the other size of the zip to the seam allowance, making sure its positioned straight so the bottom of the zipper sits flatly and neatly. 


Working on the other side of the zip, sew from the top to the bottom again.


Change the foot to the regular zipper foot and sew a few stitches on either side of the zip at the bottom (underneath where the pull stops) to make sure it is secure. Make sure the right angle of the foot is sitting on the teeth.

Voilà! Your concealed zipper is finished!


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