A Beginner's Guide to Jersey: Jersey Buying Guide

Beginner's Guide

When choosing a pattern that requires a jersey fabric, it can often be difficult to know which type of jersey to pick; with jersey fabric coming in a range of weights and stretches, all with different qualities, it can be hard to know where to start. We love working with jersey at Workshop, so have compiled this concise jersey buying guide to help you pick the right jersey for whichever pattern you choose to make! 


Once you've picked your pattern, take note of what type of stretch (i.e: 2 way, 4 way) and what stretch percentage the pattern requires. This will provide a good place to start when picking which fabric you want to use.


As well as a range of different stretches, jersey also comes in a variety of weights, with basic jersey being made in one of two knit structures: either single jersey (slightly thinner and more stretchy) or double jersey (thicker and more stable). If you're a beginner with jersey, we'd recommend starting with double as its stability makes it easier to work with, and, unlike single jersey, it doesn't have a right side. 

If you want to sample the different jersey types before committing to however many metres you need for your chosen pattern, then we recommend this organic cotton jersey knit swatch pack from Ray-Stitch for trying before you buy! Ray-Stitch is a really good shop for small swatch bundles, and this jersey one only costs £4 with free shipping also available, making for a great way to get a feel for the various weights and qualities that jersey fabric comes in.

If you're looking for a pattern to use to start working with jersey, then why not check out our eBook, The Loungewear Edit: Stretch EditionThis eBook beings you a capsule collection of slouchy, stylish designs, making for the perfect lockdown project no we're living in joggers and sweats!

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