Sewing Your First Garment: The Basics

Beginner's Guide

As we enter yet another lockdown, you may be looking for a new hobby to fill the increasing time spent at home. So, why not try sewing your first garment? Whilst it may seem daunting, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite beginner patterns and fabrics to help get you started. 

Pattern Ideas

  1. Sarah Wraparound Skirt

Sarah is a gorgeous draped wraparound skirt with a flattering tied waist, and you only need your fabric and some bias binding to make her. As she has no complicated shaping, she’s an ideal first garment! If you want to make her a bit more complex, we also have a hack available that shows you how to make Sarah with a pleated panel, or one that shows you how to transform her into a gorgeous strappy wrap dress.

  1. Hayley Dungarees

Our most popular pattern, our Hayley Dungarees are also super simple to make! Slouchy and oversized with a handy pocket on the front, they’re comfy whilst being on trend and stylish. To simplify them even more, why not try using our hack to make them with tie fastenings rather than buttonholes?

  1. Peggy Top

Our Peggy Top is simple yet elegant, with a wrapover detail on the back which gives a subtle open back. Whilst she is slightly more complicated because she uses darts, Peggy is still a super quick make! If you’re not sure about sewing darts, why not start with this How To from Made to Sew?

Best Starter Fabrics

If you don’t have much fabric experience, the best place to start is with something matt and not slippy. Avoid working with stretch fabrics for your first project and instead try a cotton or a linen. Sister Mintaka do a wide range of gorgeous printed cottons if you want to make a bold, colourful garment! We’re also big corduroy fans at Workshop, especially for our Hayley dungarees! Check our yellow cotton cord here, perfect for a bright, summer look!


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