Pattern Round-Up: Our Favourite Face Mask Patterns and Tutorials

As we head into a second lockdown, it seems that face masks are here to stay for a while! So, why not try making your own reusable one? If you're a beginner or haven't picked up a sewing project in a while, making a face mask is the perfect place to start; they're super easy, don't take much time and can even be done by hand if you don't have access to a sewing machine. Reusable masks are also a lot better for the planet, and can be made from fabric scraps. As the perfect project to keep you entertained as we start spending more time at home again, we've compiled a list of our favourite free face mask patterns to keep you and others safe!

Pattern by

Released at the very beginning of lockdown,'s face mask pattern is a favourite among many, especially makers sewing and selling face masks. The only face mask pattern I've actually tried, it's definitely a good one! Whilst the instructions and inclusion of ribbons may be slightly confusing, freesewing's blog provides helpful video tutorials, and many others have created their own tutorials using this pattern! It's also super easy to hack this pattern and switch out the ribbons for elastic by folding over the vertical sides of the mask, sewing them down and threading elastic through. You can find a tutorial on how to do this on fashion brand Rate Cute's Instagram (@rate.cute).

Pattern by Sarah Maker

The pleated style of face mask has also become very popular, especially if you're making a mask for someone else as it folds out to fit any face shape. We love this pattern from Sarah Maker, especially as it gives the option of adding a filter pocket for additional safety and a nose wire for a better fit. Sarah's instructions are concise and clear, and the inclusion of photos and diagrams makes it all the more easy to follow! We also appreciate the inclusion of governmental safety information regarding masks, including tips on the best fabric to use for optimal safety. Sarah has also done a tutorial on no-sew face masks, which you can check out here.

Pattern by Craft Passion

For an intermediary between the patterns listed above, why not try this face mask pattern and tutorial from Craft Passion? Taking the non-pleated style used by freesewing, this pattern uses elastic rather than fabric ties/ribbons, and again gives the option for both a nose wire and a filter pocket. Craft Passion provides a variety of differently sized templates for both children and adults, with again the use of images and the addition of a video tutorial making it pretty straightforward to follow! 

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