Lockdown Makes - 4. Sheer Scrunchie

If you’re feeling like us, lockdown 2.0 has you feeling a little bit lost again. We feel the best thing you can do for your mental health is get creative.

We’ve put together a couple of short simple projects which you can work through. They won’t take you long but a little pieces you can whip up in between other makes to give you that boost that we all need right now! On top of this, they’re all great scrap buster, and perfect for using up your leftover fabric pieces.

One will be released every week, so get crafty with us and show us what you make!

Lockdown Makes 4: Sheer Scrunchie

Ok, maybe this ones cheating because we’ve already done a scrunchie, HOWEVER we saw so many beautiful sheer ones online and we had to join in!

Use our scrunchie guide from before, simply go wider on your pattern to make it a little more oversized! You can experiment and use stiff organza for a more structured shape, or softer materials for that translucent, drapey, delicate feel.

Ours is made out of a soft, sheer polyester which is just thick enough to hide the seams, yet translucent enough to have that luxe feel. If you’re feeling adventurous, go one step further and stuff your scrunchie with balled up fabric to give it shape, trap sequins or beads within layers of fabric inside it or use multiple fabrics of different colours to create something completely unique!

Take a look at Semilla Studios for some serious scrunchie inspo!

OVERSIZED Rose Tan Scrunchie | Etsy

OVERSIZED Mint Scrunchie image 0


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