Leeds Community Clothes Exchange Make Reusable Make Up Wipes

Last weekend we hosted a workshop for the lovely volunteers at Leeds Community Clothes Exchange! 

Leeds Community Clothes Exchange is a fantastic organisation who are actively encouraging people to make more from their wardrobes and reduce waste through swapping their clothes rather than throwing them away. 


We wanted to host a workshop that tied in with their sustainable ethos and spent a couple of hours making reusable make up wipes with them!

They sourced material from some men's shirts which they found in the Cat's Protection. In bold but tasteful designs, they were all woven cotton making them the perfect material to chop up and sew up!

The group split into two with half making drawstring bags and half embroidering initials and designs on them to make them their own. In between, the group took turns on the overlocker to make the reusable make up wipes themselves.

There was a mix of abilities in the group from strong sewers to complete beginners, however this class meant they all got a taster of each of the machines and everyone left with their own unique set of make up wipes! 

We loved meeting the volunteers from the Clothes Exchange and are excited for their next event in September! There was some serious clothes envy from some of the pieces they'd picked up from the exchange and we can't wait to pop down and see what we can score! 

If you're interested in making your own reusable make up wipes, you can book our upcoming class with us HERE.

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