Handbuilding Pottery Online Workshop with Peachy Keen

Handbuilding Pottery Online Workshop with Peachy Keen

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Create your own Hand Built Pottery 

Make your own pottery pieces with Lizzie Cutts of Peachy Keen. 

In this online workshop, Lizzie will teach you how to make your own pen pot or small vase. In this workshop, you will work with clay learning about slab building and slip and scoring to create your own unique piece. It's perfect for beginners or anyone new to working with clay.

This is an online workshop.

How does it work?

Prior to the session you will receive equipment and materials you will need through the post. Along with a Meeting ID and Password for Zoom. Using these, you can log in to the class at the time of the workshop!

Once the workshop has been completed, you also have the option of bringing your finished pot to our shop in Leeds. From here, we will get these to Lizzie who will glaze and fire them in her kiln ready for you to pick back up in a few weeks.

Please note, this option is only for participants local to our store and can bring their pieces in person as the finished clay pots will be too delicate to send in the post.

Through doing this, you are also risking putting your piece in the kiln which while can cause pots to transform and in rare circumstances explode. We don't take any responsibility for transformations that might occur through firing.

What's included?

  • Clay
  • Pringles tube (It will make sense when you do the workshop!)
  • Material to use through the process and to put your finished pot on
  • Rolling pin

What's else will you need?

  • A cover for your work surface
  • Newspaper
  • Two pencils of the same thickness
  • Something circular which you can use as a stencil (e.g. a mug)
  • A blunt knife (e.g butter knife)
  • A ruler
  • An old toothbrush
  • A cup with 1cm of water in

Please make sure you are wearing an apron or clothes which you don't mind getting dirty. Prior to the class could you also make sure your nails are short and remove any jewellery.




Lizzie (Peachy Keen) has attended pottery classes for 5 years and runs her own home studio and business. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and throwing on her wheel at home, in front of the window overlooking nearby sheep. 


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