Crafty Baby Shower!

crafty baby shower

We celebrated our first baby shower a few weeks ago. Nicolle had organised it with us for the lovely Leanne. Leanne is expecting a little boy and Nicolle gave us lots of details from the colour scheme and pictures of the nursery to Leanne's love for her ragdoll cat Winston.

hand sewing applique lion  

We spent a couple of hours crafting and each making squares with different design on. There was a lion, a shark, a daffodil and of course, a Winston. Through applique and embroidery, the group worked hard to create the most beautiful pieces.

hand sewing embroidered bear applique

They have then left this with me and we're going to sew it up to become a wall hanging to go in the little one's nursery. Each of the ladies gave us a little quote/message for the baby which we've embroidered under little hidden panels and we've added the initials which sit just above the year. 

We had such a lovely morning with these ladies and wish Leanne all the best with the end of her pregnancy, we hope you like your wall hanging and cherish it for years to come.

finished baby wall hanging
wall hanging from baby shower

Think about us for an event. Maybe you're looking for something a little different as a party, you have an afternoon free on a hen do or you know a crafty mum who'd love a creative baby shower? We've got you covered! 

If you have an event which you'd like to plan with us, just drop us an email at



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